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Connecting with new patients online can seem like an expensive and risky approach to filling unused capacity. Orthopedic Centers of America’s (OC) methods can help minimize both risk and spend for orthopedic and spine centers of all sizes while delivering substantial results.

Your practice can join our network and utilize a fractionalized approach to patient acquisition, meaning, we buy media in bulk and spread the cost over all the practices in our network to attract more patients in your area at a lower cost than if you were to do this on your own. Our HIPAA compliant call center saves you money on operating expenses and overhead, and our agents are trained in handling patient questions with education, empathy and compassion.

Ask us for a case study of how we may be able to help your practice grow. We only accept one practice in each geographical area, and we are very selective.


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**Medicaid not currently accepted. **Certain limitations apply to free MRI review. **Oral pain medications not prescribed for pain management cases.