SpineCenterAtlanta Sees Growth in Patient Volume Over The Last Year

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Mar 15, 2016

Back Pain Centers of America and SpineCenterAtlanta look back on a successful first year together

ATLANTA, GA –March 15, 2016 – Back Pain Centers of America (BPC), which helps people searching for solutions to their neck and back pain to find a reputable physician in their area, announces that network member SpineCenterAtlanta has experienced increased growth in the last year since joining the network. SpineCenterAtlanta has expanded their reputation and reach to other states to help patients from all over the country find relief from back and neck pain.

SpineCenterAtlanta is one of the many success stories resulting from a fractionalized marketing approach with Back Pain Centers of America. The practice saw so much growth in 2015 that SpineCenterAtlanta Founder, James L. Chappius, MD, FACS, recruited another surgeon, Julio Petilon, MD, to help keep up with the demand.

People in pain are turning to the Internet to research options available to them. They generally find Back Pain Centers of America’s educational material and the patient contacts the company via its marketing material to find a reputable doctor in their area, or in the specific specialty they are seeking. Practices join and market their services within the marketing network, such as Back Pain Centers of America, to avoid having to pay hefty costs to have a presence in where patients are looking for education about their options.

“Joining a national network such as Back Pain Centers of America did more than just increase inquiries into our practice,” said Tim Marlow, chief operating officer at SpineCenterAtlanta. “BPC has helped streamline our call handling procedures and improve the patient experience in a call center environment. We try and have a human being answer every patient call. We have seen a positive return on our investment with fractionalized marketing services rather than bearing all the costs ourselves to be able to educate patients. Caring for the patients is our business. Costly marketing should not have to be.”

Through its network of orthopedic and spine-related educational material on conditions, diseases and treatments, BPC was able to connect more than two hundred people interested in learning more about SpineCenterAtlanta last year. Healthcare consumerism is on the rise: this is the ability of the patient to explore all options of healthcare treatments, and to find the kind of specialist they are seeking. To be eligible to be a part of BPC, physicians must be board-certified and in good standing with the state medical board.

“A record number of people are researching health conditions on the Internet. Practices have a difficult time providing enough useful information for patients to adequately and reliably research their condition or treatment options and find a specialist,” said Brent Wheeler, president of Back Pain Centers of America. “We are specialists in search marketing and content development, and we are proud of the success we have seen with SpineCenterAtlanta this past year. We are continuously working to expand new options for patients, and to improve the patient experience in the healthcare journey. It is a win for the patients, a win for providers, and we believe we are able to make a positive impact in healthcare by helping patients find reputable orthopedic physicians. We hope to eventually expand to other diseases.”

About Back Pain Centers of America

Back Pain Centers of America (BPC) has helped people find safe, reliable relief for chronic pain since 2009. The call centers match patients searching for relief for neck and back pain to reputable, board-certified healthcare practices in their geographic area. BPC has the largest network of minimally-invasive spine centers in America. This service is free to patients. For more information for patients, please visit www.backpaincenters.com. For spine practices interested in joining the network, please visit www.backpaincentersofamerica.com. Also follow BPC on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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