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Orthopedic Centers of America (OC) is the nation’s largest network connecting patients seeking surgical consultations for joint and back pain with specialty orthopedic centers. Focusing on a quality patient experience, we direct patients’ search towards orthopedic specialists for relief from their pain. Our physician partners enjoy the increased financial and business expansion we provide as they see the qualitative results from paid media that provides increased patient flow, data-driven strategic growth recommendations and monthly operational improvements. Our expertise compliments our member medical practices as we all work together for a better patient experience and outcome. Ask us today about becoming an Orthopedic Centers of America Network Partner.


Why Partner with Orthopedic Centers?


  • Patients trust us to find a provider like you – Currently, 85% of prospective patients are searching online for a surgical provider. Over the last decade, we’ve gained a deep understanding of what drives patients’ decisions and have leveraged this knowledge to provide our hospital and physician partners with new patient candidates that are outside of their existing marketing and referral channels. Tap into our highly engaged, self-identified pool of patients who are ready to explore their options.Because we work with many practices across the nation, Orthopedic Centers of America can take advantage of an economy-of-scale approach to reach more patients for less. As an OC partner, your practice will have communication opportunities that would otherwise be impractical or out of reach for many providers.


  • We connect more patients to Orthopedic and Neurological Neurosurgical Practices than anyone else – our call center receives 300,000 + calls each year.


Joining Orthopedic Centers of America will help you help more patients. We tell your story to more people. When you partner with Orthopedic Centers, you gain our expertise in interacting with the patient through our call center. We connect you with patients who do not know you and help them to learn about how you can help them find pain relief.


Our services fall into three (3) major categories:

Increased Patient Volume

  • Patients looking for solutions to their pain find us. We tell them your story and put them in touch with you.
  • Television and radio advertising
  • Targeted online campaigns
  • 80,000 + webpages of educational content

Call Center Operations Management

  • We are communications experts so you don’t have to be.
  • In-house call center
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • 300,000 + patient calls/year
  • Light medical screening to your practice criteria
  • Over 70% of patients schedule an appointment

Analytics, Reporting and Actionable Strategies

  • Get deeper insights into what patients want and efficiently grow your practice
  • Innovative tracking/reporting
  • Accurate insights from prospect to surgery completion
  • Customized growth strategies
  • Benchmark results and gain “best practice” insights
  • Patient follow-up reporting to learn more about your patients and gain competitive intelligence


This integrated approach is totally unique to Orthopedic Centers of America. It is customized to your practice’s needs and is ready to scale as you grow. Our physician partners see an average return on investment of $6 for every $1 spent.


 Your Practice Could Have the Same Outcomes


$25 Million              Additional Revenue Generated for a national Surgery Center

20% Growth            Increased surgical utilization for a 7-physician practice with multiple offices


Are you ready for the growth and expansion opportunities available within your medical practice? You could be getting new patient leads in as little as two weeks after partnering with Orthopedic Centers of America. Call 1-844-277-7306 to find out if your practice qualifies.

Patients are making their own choices in healthcare providers. Let us help you be the one they choose.

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