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Your lower extremities’ health (hip, knee, foot and ankle) is vital because it impacts your mobility and the lifestyle you enjoy. If you are experiencing pain or have an injury, then it is important to be evaluated by a qualified orthopedic specialist you can trust as soon as possible. Receiving an accurate diagnosis is fundamental to getting relief from your pain and speeding the recovery process. At Orthopedic Centers of America, our board-certified orthopedic specialists have the advanced knowledge, compassion and technological skills to correctly diagnose your injury or chronic pain and develop a personalized treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery.

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Popular Treatments


If you have experienced an injury or have chronic pain in your hip, knee, ankle or foot, then it is important to see an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. At Orthopedic Centers of America, we can match you with a physician who specialized his/her training in lower extremities conditions. Rather than prescribing narcotics that will mask your pain, Orthopedic Centers of America specialists have the advanced knowledge and experience to diagnose the underlying condition and develop a personalized treatment plan to resolve your chronic pain or injury.

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Non-Surgical Treatments


The options for repairing an injury or addressing your chronic pain in the lower extremities begins with the most conservative approach that will be effective for your unique situation. Your physician will collaborate with you to develop a customized treatment plan. If you are a candidate, non-surgical regenerative medicine options may be considered.

  • Physical Therapy – You may be given exercises to strengthen your muscles for stabilization and to provide better flexibility which will promote better circulation into the injured area. These exercises may be continued at home after physical therapy has been completed.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications – Our physicians prefer to prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, mostly available over the counter, to give you relief from lower extremity symptoms.
  • Injections – Many injection options exist that may address your pain without a surgical procedure.
  • Muscle relaxants – These medicines may be prescribed if the primary cause of the pain involves the muscles and/or nerves.
  • Heat and/or cold packs – Alternating heat and cold packs may relieve minor pain.



Regenerative Medicine 


At Orthopedic Centers of America, we provide treatments that have been proven safe.These non-surgical options are performed by highly-skilled, experienced orthopedic specialists who have advance knowledge in how to harness the body’s repair mechanisms and accurately place them at the place of your injury or chronic pain for a lasting solution.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – PRP has been shown to carry a significant amount of growth factors and proteins that speed the healing process along with cytokines that give quick pain relief. Your blood will be collected to create the PRP for an injection that can be provided in the office setting.
  • Cell Therapy – This innovative and advanced procedure makes use of the placement of the body’s bone marrow (rich in regenerative components) at the point of your injury or chronic pain. The bone marrow carries “signaling cells” that communicate to the surrounding injured tissue and bone that healing needs to take place, and the process begins immediately. Ask your physician if you are a candidate.

 Orthopedic Centers of America does not participate in cells sourced from Embryonic, Umbilical Cord Blood/Placental Tissue, Amniotic Fluid, or Amniotic Tissue. Only adult cells from one’s own body are used by the doctors in the Orthopedic Centers of America network.


Minimally-Invasive Surgery


Medical technologies continue to provide the industry with less invasive manners of providing relief from pain in the lower extremities so you can get back to the lifestyle you enjoy. Smaller incisions are made which means less trauma to muscles and tissue, allowing for a faster recovery. Some of the laser and minimally-invasive surgeries may include:

Replacement Surgery -When the joints are worn to the point that replacement surgery is the best option, you are in good hands with Orthopedic Centers of America. Our board-certified surgeons use the latest technology and specialize in the procedures to meet your individualized care needs. These procedures can include:





Your physician will determine how much physical therapy you will require for the proper healing to take place. It is as important to follow the instructions from the physical therapist and complete the exercises since this is the final step in your personalized plan, intended to get you back to an active lifestyle.

At Orthopedic Centers of America, we have matched over 30,000 adults with an orthopedic specialist, and we can help you. You are not alone. Call 1-888-549-0835 today to speak with a patient coordinator and join the thousands who have found pain relief. Take the first step. Life awaits.

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