Advanced Technologies for Your Elbow Condition

At Orthopedic Centers of America, we carefully choose board-certified, specialty-trained elbow doctors who are proven experts in the diagnosis and treatment of elbow injuries and conditions to become part of our network. Therefore, when we match you with an elbow orthopedic specialist, you can be comfortable knowing that your doctor has the necessary experience and precise training to provide you the most advanced technologies in restoring your elbow to its optimal function.

The elbow is both a hinge and a ball and socket joint, allowing you to both bend and rotate your arm. Because it is a complicated joint and one that you rely on for almost every task you undertake, it is important to consult with an orthopedic elbow specialist who has both proven expertise and compassionate treatment options. It is also important that you see an experienced elbow specialist that you can trust. Our doctors are committed to developing customized treatment plans with the goal of getting you back to the lifestyle and activities you enjoy. Call 1-888-549-0835 today to speak with a patient coordinator who can match you with an orthopedic elbow specialist in your area. It is free, easy and may be the best call you ever make!

When to See an Elbow Specialist

If you experience an injury or problems with your elbow that are interfering with your normal daily activities, then it may be time to see an elbow expert.

The most common elbow injuries are the result of our natural tendency to stop a fall with outstretched arms. This can cause fractures, torn ligaments or a break in the elbow region. If the force of the fall is strong, sometimes the elbow will be dislocated.

Other injuries that require you to see an elbow specialist include golf elbow or tennis elbow, which are related to overuse and repetitive movements. If you experience pain in your elbow that develops over time, you may have osteoarthritis in the elbow. Osteoarthritis may or may not occur due to past elbow injuries. However, you should see an orthopedic elbow specialist since innovations in medicine now provide opportunities for relief from osteoarthritis pain which was once accepted as untreatable.

Common Conditions

Popular Procedures and Treatments

Our recognized experts use a wide variety of treatments and procedures customized to the individual to provide relief from chronic pain. Orthopedic Centers of America chooses physicians who explore the underlying cause of pain so that pain does not prevent you from doing the things you love. Orthopedic Centers of America is not involved in prescribing narcotics for pain to mask the symptoms. Instead, the physicians seek to address the underlying cause of pain.

Because medical science is constantly developing more effective and less invasive techniques to diagnose and treat elbow conditions, recovery times may be faster. Your doctor will tailor your treatment plan based upon your specific condition.

Chronic Pain

Many people accept chronic pain, such as that associated with bursitis and osteoarthritis of the elbows, as something they must endure. If you are experiencing chronic pain, you are not alone. At Orthopedic Centers of America, we have helped more than 30,000 patients find the relief they were looking for, and we are ready to help you.

If you are experiencing pain in your elbow, contact an Orthopedic Centers of America patient coordinator now at 1-888-549-0835 and get matched with a highly-acclaimed elbow specialist who can provide the personalized care you need!


The most obvious benefit of treatments for your elbow is relief from pain. However, other benefits include:

  • Non-surgical options for treatment
  • A faster return to activities you love
  • Outpatient procedures
  • Quick recovery time for surgical procedures
  • Smaller incisions, usually less than ½ inch
  • Lower risk for complications


Once your condition is accurately diagnosed, your orthopedic elbow specialist will provide several treatment options, beginning with the least invasive approach possible. If the condition does not respond to non-surgical care, a minimally-invasive surgery may be required.

Non-Surgical Treatments

If you are experiencing pain in your elbow either from an injury, overuse or any other reason, there is no longer a reason to hesitate to get treatment. Thanks to advancements and innovative techniques in orthopedics, our highly-trained elbow specialists explore non-surgical treatment options such as physical therapy or platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy whenever possible. These conservative treatment options have proven to be effective at treating many elbow conditions with better outcomes and faster recovery times.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is an innovative regenerative medicine treatment that uses healing components from your own blood, injected into the elbow area to increase your body’s natural ability to repair itself. PRP therapy is currently one of the most common and highly successful orthopedic regenerative medicine solutions for injuries and chronic pain. Due to the emerging field, it is important, however, to choose a physician with a comprehensive understanding of regenerative medicine.

The exclusive network of doctors that make up Orthopedic Centers of America undergo careful consideration concerning their adherence to evidence- based medicine and compliance with FDA regulations. Therefore, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your doctor can provide the most advanced and comprehensive care available.

Cell Therapyy

Some injuries require stem cell therapy to stimulate the body’s tissue and bone to begin the repair process. As a person ages, the healing mechanisms of the body do not perform as efficiently as at a younger age. Therefore, there is a need to harvest cells  from a rich source, such as bone marrow, and place them precisely where the healing needs to take place. In this manner, the correct signals are given to the injured environment to cause the body to make repairs. This technology is an advanced and efficient strategy that has been proven safe, efficient and delivers quick relief from pain.

Due to the decrease in inflammation and lessening of pain, patients are often cautioned to follow the orthopedic specialist’s instructions regarding the amount of time needed for rest and recovery so that the body is given every opportunity to heal completely.

Orthopedic Centers of America does not participate in cells sourced from Embryonic, Umbilical Cord Blood/Placental Tissue, Amniotic Fluid, or Amniotic Tissue. Only adult cells from one’s own body are used.

Minimally-Invasive Treatments

At Orthopedic Centers of America, we want to help you get back to the lifestyle that you are used to. For that reason, if non-surgical options are not recommended for your specific situation, we offer the latest, state-of-the art procedures such as minimally invasive arthroscopy techniques and minimally invasive laser technologies to help you recover faster and get back to doing what you enjoy. Make the free call today to 1-888-549-0835 to speak with a patient coordinator who can help you on the road to pain relief.

Preparation for Elbow Surgery

How you prepare for elbow surgery will depend on the procedure. In most cases, the doctor may make recommendations concerning the medications or supplements you take regularly. Since some medications and supplements may increase the risk of bleeding during surgery, your doctor will provide instructions tailored to your condition and the type of surgery you will have.

Additionally, you may receive instructions from your doctor about whether or not you will need to fast in preparation for the type of elbow surgery you have planned. Ask your physician for this information to avoid the postponement of your surgery.

Finally, discuss with your doctor the possible need to arrange a ride home after the procedure since your safety is of utmost importance.


Your orthopedic elbow specialist may recommend physical therapy after a surgical procedure to enable you every opportunity to quickly regain mobility and function following surgery. These recommendations may include exercises for you to follow at home along with scheduled physical therapy sessions. All recommendations are made to accomplish the goal of getting you back to the lifestyle and activities you enjoy!

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